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Impersonating Staff: This will result in a ban.
Obvious: Doing things the normal game engine doesn't intend (flyhack, speedhack, map glitch, etc) is illegal.
3rd Party Programs: Illegal.
/Race & /all: English only. You will have all your chatting abilities disabled even after you lose archon or are still archon.
Innapropriate names: Impersonating staff or blatantly offensive names.
Nukes: Can only be used in crag mine, do not nuke the core. You can use them any time you want.
Spawn Killing, towers, traps: Camping and killing where people respawn after death, repeatedly or before they're allowed to even rebuff themselves, is illegal. Do not put traps or towers on places where people are stuck respawning like cartella entrance. You can camp these entrances for normal pvp to fight people porting in(just like it would be at vc entrance) but do not repeat-kill these players since they're defenseless upon respawn.
Multiclient: Our client will support dual-client. Do not edit or manipulate game files to open more than 2 clients at a time.
Harassment: Not allowed. There is a difference between telling someone after a mistake or you kill them that they suck, are a noob, whatever compared to doing it repeatedly as well as including negative words unrelated to the game that might be racist, sexist, personal attacks, etc.