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We have each played this game for 10 or more years. Like a majority of the feedback appears to be for all servers, we think the game by itself doesn't need much changing to be most enjoyable. We think that balance requires constant involvement keeping things in check. The reasons that RF appeared to be a success to us fall into a few areas.

PVP is the best part of this game! Sure it can be easy to point out how this PVP and targetting system is outdated and buggy but we're stuck with the engine that we have. Sometimes it's really enjoyable because of how simple and straight-forward fights can be and it comes down to char strength, utility, and teamwork.

The only way to get stronger is by upgrading items, getting rare items, or reaching a higher level to use new items. Upgrading(almost of any kind) requires materials obtainable through ore. The ore is generally only attainable through chip war which continuously re-encourages pvp in the game.

Utility has fallen out for some time but it was one of my favorite things. Some people really enjoy playing unique(and less popular) classes. Runes and Charms largely ruined the viability of "middle" pure classes.

Aside from the pvp and gameplay itself, everything else that RF offers is due to it's community. From launch and into the future we will always have the players as our focus and have communication together. We are opening this server so that hopefully there's a decent place to play classic RF.

We believe that the majority of players feel the same way about RF as our staff. Why can't there just be a server that has the plain old game without people screwing it up. People grind, farm, kill rare bosses, and upgrade weapons. The plain game was great and just needs attention to maintain balance. Below we'll address how we plan to achieve this. Everything should be default unless otherwise mentioned on the details page. Below is the concept of of what we're going for.


All upgrades in this server will be manual. Knowing this, int+4/5 weapons are what we consider to be good weapons. We know +6/7's exist on lots of servers but we all know that it's dumb to play against because the damage is really not balanced with all the mechanics of the game. +6/7 are possible in our server but since they require manual upgrading, they are obviously very difficult. As the winning race, we want you to have to decide whether you will spend the next 6 hours mining or grinding XP. We do not want the winning race to be able to deplete the ore deposits in 20 minutes and go grind more. We want the winning race to have both options available but shouldn't be able to get both every CW win.

HQ and settlement pit bosses will drop talics again like they used to back in the day. This will give a reasonable source for manual upgrades as well as superior armor for players.

Int+4 should be pretty attainable through manual upgrades but will be a little bit of a challenge, +5 probably a lot more rare without lots of failures.

We would like to point out that we have consciously made 55+ difficult to achieve. We don't want 90% of the player-base to reach max level and get bored. We remember playing chip wars on Codemasters' 55 cap where all players 40-55 were relevant. There were people in 55 gear that were powerhouses and there were lower level people with decent gear that were able to contribute. Given these points, we'd like the majority of players to hit 55 requiring some effort and activity. 56+ to be attained by the players that worked hard and grinded a lot. On this game version and level cap good superior items are viable against 60+ players. If people choose, they should be able to stay 55 and use their time to farm materials and make better and better 55 gear and stay relevant if they really wanted to.

We have no desire to make any profit from this server. We are adults and can keep the server up ourselves cost-wise. We really do not want to have anything pay to win but since we want to ensure some revenue coming in for costs we tried to be careful what would be accessible via Altruism Points and cash shop. We came up with the idea that whatever we allow people to get through cash shop, it should always be tradable items and encourage active playing. This will make sure free-to-play players have access to all the same content and it gives an in-game value for cash shop items for people who choose to use it.

We will always be evaluating what is in the cash shop. We just want you to know what will always be going through our minds when deciding those items.

We always accept and encourage feedback. The best way to do so is inside of our discord!

All default unless mentioned in patch notes here!
View drop list and changes here!














Impersonating Staff: This will result in a ban.
Obvious: Doing things the normal game engine doesn't intend (flyhack, speedhack, map glitch, etc) is illegal.
3rd Party Programs: Illegal.
/Race & /all: English only. You will have all your chatting abilities disabled even after you lose archon or are still archon.
Innapropriate names: Impersonating staff or blatantly offensive names.
Nukes: Can only be used in crag mine, do not nuke the core. You can use them any time you want.
Spawn Killing, towers, traps: Camping and killing where people respawn after death, repeatedly or before they're allowed to even rebuff themselves, is illegal. Do not put traps or towers on places where people are stuck respawning like cartella entrance. You can camp these entrances for normal pvp to fight people porting in(just like it would be at vc entrance) but do not repeat-kill these players since they're defenseless upon respawn.
Multiclient: Our client will support dual-client. Do not edit or manipulate game files to open more than 2 clients at a time.
Harassment: Not allowed. There is a difference between telling someone after a mistake or you kill them that they suck, are a noob, whatever compared to doing it repeatedly as well as including negative words unrelated to the game that might be racist, sexist, personal attacks, etc.